Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to Play?

Millionaire Makers is a dAPP (decentralized application) that lives on the Eteherum Network. In order to play our game, you need an Ethereum Browser.

If you are using Chrome or Firefox, you can download a plugin called Metamask, that will enable you to access and play our game and use other dAPPs (find more dAPPs on State of dAPPs).

If you are using an iOS or Android device, you can use Cipher Browser to do the same.

Since both Metamask and Cipher are used to interact with dAPPs (and you do that with transfers) they also act as an Etherum wallet. You will need to transfer funds to them in order to play properly. Although a hassle, this ensures no mishandling of ETH addresses takes place between your money and our dAPP, securing your safety.

How to Play?

Enter the amount of ETH you wish to play with in the appropriate entry field.

Take note of your chances of winning displayed just above the input field. Your chances of winning are determined by the amount of ETH you represent in the pot. (Example: if you enter 0.01 ETH, and the pot is now 1 ETH, your chances are now 1%)

Press the "Enter" button displayed on the screen when you think you're ready.

This will invoke the Metamask interface, that will safely handle the transaction.

After the transaction is completed and confirmed, a white status box will appear on the page indicating the amount you paid and your current chances of winning. The status box will be displayed on the page until the round is over.

Your chances of winning will change as more people enter the pot, so you can keep an eye on your chances in the status box that will update with the changing situation. If you enter more funds into the pot, this will also be added accordingly in your status box.

You do not need to stay on the page in order to keep the status box. We identify you based on your wallets public address that Metamask provides. Think of it as an automatic user login handled by Metamask.

At the end of the round, the smart contract randomly picks one of the entries as the winner. Think of it as a digital wheel of fortune, with each field representing one player and the filed sizes taking up the same space as their chances of winning.

When the digital wheel stops spinning, a winner is selected and the entire pot amount is transferred to the winner. The transaction will be visible on your Etherscan in the "internal transaction" section.

Are there Fees?

Yes. All fees are paid when entering the game it consist of 1% fee for playing and gas price. There are no additional fees after winning the game. 1% fee goes to creators of Millionaire Makers. Variable gas price has to be paid for every Ethereum transaction. (More info on gas) Fee is deducted on the end from the pot in order to decrease the number of transactions on Ethereum blockchain

How is the random selection of the beneficiary guaranteed?

In order to guarantee secure randomness, we are using Oraclize with authenticity proof. Referance

The design described there prevents Oraclize from tampering with the random results coming from the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and protects the user from a number of attack vectors.

The authenticity proof, attached with the result of the generated number, can be easily verified not just off-chain but even by any Solidity contract receiving them.

The random datasource is leveraging the Ledger proof to prove that the origin of the generated randomness is really a secure Ledger device.

The rationale behind this method of securely feeding off-chain randomness into the blockchain is explained in the "A Scalable Architecture for On-Demand, Untrusted Delivery of Entropy" white paper.

Is this better than traditional lottery?

MillionaireMakers have no taxes, no annuity payments, guaranteed winner each round and higher chances of winning.

No taxes - Traditional lottery has government taxes up to 40% (depending on the country). While cryptocurrency earnings are still largely unregulated. We advise you consult with a tax advisor before converting your ethereum winnings into traditional currencies.

Guaranteed winner each round – Traditional lottery can have months of drawing before determining the winner. Millionaire Makers has a guaranteed winner each round.

Higher chances of winning – Average lottery chances of hitting jackpot are 0.00000001% (1 in 100 million). Millionaire Makers odds are determined by number of players and they are calculated for you when entering the game.

No annuity payments – Some lotteries don’t cash out the winners in the lump sum but have annuities (money paid on a yearly basis). Millionaire Makers automatically pays out 100% of your winnings on the same day.

Is this secure?

Millionaire Makers website is a front end for the smart contract, but does not contain any game logic. The payments and drawing of winner is handled by smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain and cannot be compromised.

Where is the source code?

You can view the smart contract here: Weekly Contract.

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